Join our Affiliate Adventure

Hi Mate!

I'm excited you would like to join the Little Mate Adventures affiliate brand rep program!
I'm looking for awesome little mate's that love to make their own adventure! And while on your adventures or lounging at home in our tee's or sweatshirts I would love for you to share uncluttered, clear, focused photos to your instagram! 

For this you will receive a one time 50% off coupon code to use on your first order if you wish. And a 20% off coupon code for all future purchases for the remainder of your term. Plus your mates receive a discount too.

Please tag us @LittleMateAdventures | #LittleMateAdventuresBrandRep | #LittleMateAdvntures | #WeMakeOurOwnAdventure 

We would also love it if you could help spread the word about Little Mate Adventures on your social media, make sure you are following us, give our posts a like, a comment, or tag a mate! And if you really love something please share it to your stories or your grid, it would help us so others see our adventures!

Tiffany (+Oliver, little dude) 
Little Mate Adventures 

Those extra little bits of info: 

You received:
  • One time 50% off code for one order (not available on mystery boxes) 
  • 20% off all your future orders, per term (available on everything + mystery boxes)
  • 10% commission (less 20% for VAT) on all your (IRL or Social) Mate's orders when they use personal code
  • your Mate's will receive 15% off all their orders when they use your personal code
  • first access to new products 
What we hope for: 
  • follow and interact positively with Little Mate Adventures on social media via Instagram or Facebook, whichever you prefer
  • If you purchase or receive products please post | share to social media with fun bright photos of your Little Mate on their adventure in our clothing  
  • Send us via email, dashboard, or post via social media (tagging us in the photo and comments @ and #'s from above) clear bright photos we can use for our social media, website, or promotional materials 
At the beginning of each term the partnership will be reviewed:
  • First term: January 1 - April 30
  • Second term: May 1 - August 30
  • Third term: September 1 - December 31  
  • Partnership can be cancelled by Little Mate Adventures or you at anytime, you will be paid your final balance, your codes will be deactivated 
Please provide 3 photos to your social media platform per term, either of your Little Mate in our clothing or sharing our social media posts to your grid or stories (Little Mate Adventures photos can be from social or from the dashboard downloaded via the marketing link)
Please be respectful to all Mates

Let The Adventures Begin!
little mate adventures brand rep affiliate page photo