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Little Mate Adventures: Travels to Paris!

Little Mate Adventures: Travels to Paris! What's better then bellinis at cafe's and strolling along the Seine? Ahh, how I miss Paris!

Again, this was pre: little mate adventures but such a wonderful trip. Which I can't believe was two years ago next week, time flies when you're in lockdown3.0

My awesome friend from NYC needed a little getaway before working for the week here in London so we hop, skipped, (little dude cried a bit the whole flight back) and jumped at the idea of going to Paris for a weekend. This little dude was 95% awesome to travel with at just 3 months old (and my first trip without his daddy to hand him off to) I mean, he did have a complete melt down in Notre Dame Cathedral but hey, he was craving a baguette, he just didn't know it yet. But we had such a blast I can't wait to take him back and let him play with the boats at Jardin du Luxembourg on a nice warm summer afternoon.

So where are you planning your next adventure to once we can hop on a jet plane or train again?
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