About Us

Little Mate Adventures - baby and children's clothing inspired by all things culture and play while traveling with our little dude.

Little Mate Adventures was inspired by all things culture and play while we travel with our little dude.

We offer kids t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and a few other fun items for your mate to wear while exploring on their adventures. And how about a matching one for you too! 

We are trying to be a little more earth friendly and provide products that are super soft for you little mate's skin and respectful to mother earth.

Most of our manufacturers are stepping up their organic cotton game and also their certifications to make sure there is a more sustainable way to product their goods. If you have any questions please send me a message here and I'll be sure to follow up with any information I can provide. 


Hi! I'm Tiffany, originally from the Sunshine State where Space Shuttle launches and Friday night footballs games were the highlights of our town. After graduating college in Daytona Beach I did what most any small town girl would do, I moved to New York City! I did a little bit of traveling, the major places of interest San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, and the Caribbean. Then I wanted to go a bit further, hello London, Paris, Monte Carlo, and my favourite Tokyo!

Then along comes a Polish guy via London who I "happn" to meet (good ol' dating apps) and we were off. Doing the long distance, traveling all the world to see each other. Marriage and then the little dude came around, who you see in most of our photos.


Little dude settled into our traveling life style and away we went, Spain, France, USA, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Traveling with our little dude has more than inspired most of our styles you see on our website. We officially live in London, and obviously everyone's a Mate and so begins Little Mate Adventures.  

We definitely know these are hard times right now, we have only now been able to travel to see our families in over a year. But we hope our tee's and sweatshirt's will help you escape a bit and get ready for all the adventures in your future.  


Send us a message if you have any questions, requests or are interested in wholesale. We do have other options for tee's, sweatshirt's, and bodysuits if you don't see your size or if you need it in a slightly other colour, we will try our best to accommodate all our little mates! 

x Tiffany + (little dude) Oliver